NHS MarchAndrew Gwynne MP helped to lead the NHS299 March, one of Manchester’s largest ever demonstrations, with Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP and people from a range of backgrounds and from all over the UK.

The march was organized by the TUC to highlight the impact that austerity is having on the health service and highlight how the coalition is behind a ‘rapid sell-off’ of profitable parts of the NHS to private companies. It is estimated by Greater Manchester Police that around 50,000 people took part in the peaceful demonstration, making it one of the largest ever held in Manchester.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I attended the event and was proud to walk alongside doctors, nurses and other front-line NHS March iNHS staff from all parts of the country who had given up their Sunday in the hope of making their voice heard. We have to make it clear to David Cameron that the current crisis facing the NHS is one of this governments own making.”

 “The NHS is one of Britain’s finest achievements and we will not allow ministers to destroy, through cuts and privatisation, what has taken generations to build.”


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