BACKING CO-OP SCHOOLS in Parliament – Gwynne MP

Reddish Tech Academy LogoLocal MP Andrew Gwynne has raised the benefits of co-operative schools in a  Parliamentary debate, using Reddish Vale to highlight the huge benefits they can bring to local communities and to education.

Co-operative schools offer a new model of accountability in England’s school system. They are owned by their members – staff, students, parents/carers and members of the local community – and answerable to a stakeholder forum drawn from these key constituencies. Local people are encouraged to get actively involved in the running of their schools.

Reddish Vale Technology College was the first school in England to become a co-operative trust, with the Reddish Vale Co-operative Trust established in March 2008. It is often used to demonstrate the immense benefits co-operative schools can bring to education.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I was very pleased to speak in this debate as Reddish Vale technology college in my constituency was one of the very first co-operative trust school to be established in this country.”

“They have used the excellence at that school to engage with the wider community and to spread those co-operative values not just within the school community, but to the wider Reddish community. It is a real case of co-operation in action.”


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