SUPERVISION OF THOUSANDS of local offenders to be handed over to private companies

_67506725_hi010947795Thousands of convicted criminals in the Greater Manchester Probation Trust area, many of them guilty of serious crimes including robbery, sex attacks and burglaries, could soon be supervised by G4S and Serco, as the Tory Government privatises the Probation Service.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed the number of offenders currently being supervised by highly trained professional probation officers that will be off-loaded to private companies. In the Greater Manchester Probation Trust, that means more than 12,000 offenders in the hands of the likes of G4S and Serco.

Up to now the Government has refused to reveal how many serious and violent offenders would be put in the hands of private companies, but Labour’s Freedom of Information request has revealed the true scale of their plans in our local area.

Andrew Gwynne MP, commenting on this data, said:

“You can’t take risks with public safety yet this is precisely what the Government is doing with their reckless plans to privatise the Probation Service. Handing over supervision for serious and violent offenders to the same companies that time and again let down the taxpayer is a recipe for disaster.

“The public need to be confident that those under supervision in our communities aren’t part of some giant experiment. But the Government is running scared – they’ve not brought their plans before Parliament, instead choosing to rush ahead at breakneck speed and impose their untried and untested privatisation on our communities”


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