_33A7571Andrew Gwynne MP has condemned Conservative Members of Parliament after they opposed his Bill to create thousands more quality apprenticeships for young people.

The Bill aimed to give local authorities the power to request that businesses receiving more than £1million in public procurement contracts should create quality apprenticeships to provide a paid job and a ladder to a future career to thousands of young people.

The proposal was backed by Labour’s Business team, and the Labour Party has pledged to introduce the policy in any future Labour Government.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

 “Tory MPs turned up simply to attack my Bill, and the Lib Dems didn’t turn up at all.

“The Conservative Party says one thing and does another when it comes to giving young people a chance. The taxpayer has immense power when it comes to getting firms to work in their interests, but the Government wants to leave them be, even when we are forking over enormous amounts of cash.

“Young people in my constituency desperately need to be given a leg up, with long term youth unemployment remaining far too high.

“I wanted to introduce a Bill that had a chance to make a real difference throughout the country. I have seen at first-hand just how successful apprenticeships are in providing high quality training and a great start to working life. It is just a shame some Tory MPs thought it was appropriate to attack them.”


3 thoughts on ““APPRENTICESHIP HYPOCRISY” – Gwynne condemns Tory MPs

  1. Andrew,

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this subject I believe it is vital that this Bill gets the green light. I myself who has a degree but changed direction on what career I wanted struggled for well over a year to get full time employment, everytime I receive positive feedback from interviews but the one key element was lacking, experience!

    If this is what companies want then the apprenticeship scheme is the perfect answer, that’s why I shall be advising my daughter when tr time come not to burden herself with crippling University fees but getting hands on experience whilst getting paid doing a apprenticeship.

    Hopefully that will be under a Labour Government.

  2. Andrew,
    This is a brilliant idea to get young people into work and makes sense for this country to prosper. I read the full report on the parliament web site and yes you are right you came up against some Tory opposition who were against the bill and to have none attenders from the Lib Dem says it all of how out of touch they really are and that they are only interested in themselves.

    You are also correct in the fact that there may not be a permanent position at the end of the work scheme but they would have gained vital skills in life and priorities and without your intervention nothing will change.

    It seemed after reading the report you may have gained support as quite a few parliament members understood how important this bill would be and I hope it gets passed for the good of the country and the young people this bill will make a difference too.

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