GO STRAIGHT BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD on M60/A57 ‘improvements’ demands Denton MP

931-FAndrew Gwynne MP has today called on the Highways Agency to immediately halt their current road works at the Denton Roundabout pending an urgent safety audit.

The Denton MP is angry that the Highways Agency, as part of the Government’s ‘Pinch Point’ improvement scheme at junction 24 of the M60, is installing a dedicated fast-flowing lane feeding off the motorway and on to the A57 Manchester Road, towards Manchester.

A similar lane was removed by the Highways Agency 15 years ago – after a campaign led by local residents and Andrew Gwynne, who was then a Denton West councillor – because it was dangerous.  But now, the Highways Agency are re-installing the feature as part of an ‘improvement’ scheme.

Over the Christmas period, the Denton MP was contacted by a number of residents who live on Manchester Road, between the motorway roundabout and Hulme Road, and who will have to dangerously cross the new unsignalled fast-flowing lane feeding off from the motorway in order to access their driveways, parking spaces or side streets.

Commenting, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am surprised at the Highways Agency because there was originally a lane just like this when the Stockport-Denton section of what was then called the M66, now the M60, opened. It fed from the motorway on to the A57 and I was instrumental in getting it removed about 15 years ago after there had been a series of accidents involving local residents trying to cross fast flowing traffic to access their homes.

“Back then everyone agreed it was an incredibly dangerous situation and so all the traffic coming off the motorway at Denton was signalised instead.  If it was dangerous then, it is more-so now, because this junction is a lot busier.

“I understand the Highways Agency want to remove unnecessary delays for Manchester-bound drivers, but they cannot ride roughshod over the safety of the local residents, especially those who live very close to the roundabout.  That is why I am calling for them to urgently halt their work, conduct a proper safety audit and scrap this element of the proposal altogether.”

The lane is being constructed as part of the Government’s ‘Pinch Point’ initiative, to unblock traffic blackspots.  Around £5m has been granted to the Highways Agency to improve traffic flows at the M60, M67 and A57 junction known as Denton Roundabout.

M60 Alterations – letter sent by the Highways Agency’s contractors to residents.


4 thoughts on “GO STRAIGHT BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD on M60/A57 ‘improvements’ demands Denton MP

  1. If the government wants to use the “‘Pinch Point’ initiative, to unblock traffic blackspots”, why on earth didn’t it look no further than the other end of the M67, where Mottram has been crying out for a bypass for over 30 years and some Mottram Primary School kids must walk to school in imported Chinese smog masks to avoid the truck fumes?

    The only problem at Denton island was idiots who don’t know how to use lanes on a roundabout. A few white lines and arrows, job done.

    Denton island is currently a fiasco!

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