UPDATE: M60/A57 LANE – Highways Agency ‘Just don’t get it!’

M60I have now had a reply from the Highways Agency concerning their crazy decision to install a fast flowing feeder lane from the M60 onto the A57 Manchester Road.  

They just don’t get it!  The fight goes on…

On 7 Jan 2014, at 18:21, “Sweeting, Matthew” wrote:

Dear Mr Gwynne,

I fully appreciate that your constituent feels that the scheme will create an issue associated with entering and leaving residential driveways on Manchester Road, Denton.  A safety audit was undertaken as part of the scheme design and this matter was not identified as a problem by the auditors.  Safety is of paramount importance in so I have arranged for my engineers to review its design and consider the issue your constituent raises in more detail.  This review process began earlier today, and will be complete towards the end of this week.  I will then write to you again as soon as is reasonably possible.

[Your office] passed on your request that works are stopped until this matter is resolved.  Due to the dependency on completion of this aspect of the works on the rest of the scheme, financial implications and increased disruption to road users we will not be stopping the works.



And my immediate reply back to the Highways Agency…

From: GWYNNE, Andrew
Sent: 07 January 2014 18:42
To: Sweeting, Matthew
Subject: Re: 7639/Jan 14

Dear Matt

This is frankly just not good enough. 

You must be completely unaware that the Highways Agency removed a similar ‘free flowing lane’ from what was then the M66 at this very same location 15 years ago because is was an accident black spot and dangerous for residents accessing driveways, parking places and into and out of Kensington Grove.

I suggest you look back at your historic records and halt this crazy scheme immediately. You’re now just wasting public money because this feature will be ripped out in due course.

I will also be making your comments known to the media and seeking the earliest opportunity to raise the matter in the House of Commons to highlight the Highways Agency’s sheer incompetence and disregard for my constituents’ safety.

I suggest you now escalate this matter to your superior because this craziness must stop NOW!



6 thoughts on “UPDATE: M60/A57 LANE – Highways Agency ‘Just don’t get it!’

  1. Andrew, are the highways agency willing to pay the money that this will knock of the value of my home??

    It’s dangerous and costly!!!

    This needs stopping..

    We have received no notification of this!!

  2. These justifiable objections do seem a little belated given that the Denton Roundabout ‘Pinch Point’ proposals and the related legal notices were published some time ago

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