LOCAL UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS – but MP says there is ‘so much more to do’

2010-06-16-unemploymentAndrew Gwynne MP has welcomed figures released today showing fifty seven more people were in work in the Denton and Reddish constituency in December 2013 than in the previous month. The total unemployment rate was 1,802, which represents a rate of 4.1% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64.

But he reserved criticism for the nature of the labour market, pointing out that too many of these new jobs are part-time, and that although employment has picked up, wage rises have remained on average below inflation, meaning many workers are worse off in real terms.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am pleased to welcome this fall in unemployment in our local area, but it can’t be right that we’ve now reached the point where more of the people bringing up families in poverty are in work than out of work.

“We need to make sure work always pays which is why Ed Miliband has announced plans to introduce Make Work Pay contracts that will help businesses raise wages for millions of low-paid workers, and help the next Labour government cut social security bills for the taxpayer

“It’s clearly just not right that in a highly developed economy, millions of people are going out to work hard but can’t afford to bring up their families.

“That’s why we will promote the living wage, strengthen the minimum wage, and deal with the cost-of-living crisis so we can have a recovery that benefits working people in Tameside and Stockport.”


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