NORTHERN MPs: ‘Bring councils back from the brink’

stockport%20town%20hall-1294791On the eve of the Chancellor’s budget speech, MPs representing some of the UK’s most impoverished councils gathered in Parliament to call on George Osborne to use his Budget speech to spread any benefits from an upturn in the economy beyond those areas in the South East, whose local economies are already improving.

The group of SIGOMA MPs, all representing local authorities outside the prosperous South East, have joined together to demand an immediate stop to further cuts in their councils’ budgets, which have seen some services in many boroughs stripped to their bare essentials and the most vulnerable and poorest put under increased pressure to make ends meet.

During the Chancellor’s almost four years in office many SIGOMA councils have seen significant and annual cuts to their budgets, with some councils losing over 25% of funding.

ashton-town-hall01-bigThe divide between councils representing prosperous areas and those with less well-off economies has also widened further as the Government has allowed councils to keep more of their business rates. Meaning those prosperous authorities receive yet more funding as business rates increase on the back of the economic upturn, but those with more struggling economies are left further behind.

SIGOMA councils are calling for a full evaluation of the total impact of the funding cuts since 2010 and seek to re-establish the link between the costs of services and the funding Central Government provides to run them. They argue that revenue cuts since 2010, and a greater level of top slicing of the Revenue Support Grant has left many SIGOMA councils desolate in comparison to many South East authorities which have borne little of the brunt of the funding cuts.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“We have had enough of Northern communities being hit whilst Southern councils keep their funding. The burden of the cuts has been specifically targeted against those with the highest levels of spending without recognising that that spending relates directly to greater levels of need and poverty.

“Services here in Tameside and Stockport are suffering because of this Government’s policies. We call on the Government to stop driving Northern councils into the ground.”

Chair of SIGOMA’s MP Group and MP for St Helens North, Dave Watts, said:

“If we are ‘all in it together’ then those struggling to get out of poverty and facing increasing financial hardship should be getting  an increase in funding based on the economic upturn.

“Now is the opportunity for the Chancellor to bring some of these hard hit councils back from the brink of service delivery breakdown.”


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