Bedroom-Tax-affecting-private-landlordsAndrew Gwynne MP has co-sponsored a new Bill in the House of Commons that aims to exempt certain vulnerable people from having to pay the Bedroom Tax.


The Safe and Sanctuary Rooms (Exemption from Spare Room Subsidy) Bill will be brought to a vote by Labour MP Alison Seabeck. If passed, it will exempt victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable people who have ‘safe rooms’ in their houses.


The Bedroom Tax hits over 400,000 disabled people nationwide, and around 1,292 people in the Denton and Reddish constituency alone. For the vast majority of those affected, there is nowhere smaller to move to, hitting vulnerable people with an average bill of £720 a year through no fault of their own.


Andrew Gwynne MP said:


“The Bedroom Tax is leaving families up and down this country with nowhere to go and on the edge of spiralling debt. These people simply can’t wait until the next Labour government in 2015 for it to be repealed. They need it repealed now.


“That is I am co-sponsoring this crucial Bill. This Bill will help just a few of the most vulnerable people the Government has lumbered with this new charge. People should not be penalised for being victims of domestic violence. It really is perverse.


“The Labour Party promised to repeal the tax in government, and because we know that in these tough financial times we can’t borrow more to pay for social security, we’ve set out a clear plan to pay for the repeals by cutting down on tax loop holes and avoidance.


“The Labour Party’s policy to repeal this tax isn’t only fair but it makes sense. The Tory-led government should follow our lead. For now, at least, it should back our Bill.”


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