GWYNNE MARKS Patient Choice Awards in Westminster

_DSC7796Andrew Gwynne MP was guest of honour at the first AntiCoagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA) Patient Choice Awards in Parliament last week.

The awards event celebrated the work of dedicated health professionals in the NHS who have helped people on long-term warfarin treatment to monitor their own blood clotting level.

Earlier this year, ACSMA invited their network of members to nominate their top health professionals across the UK. The response was overwhelming. ACSMA received nominations from patients for specialist nurses, GPs and hospital consultants who are regarded as having gone above and beyond the call of duty to their patients.

ACSMA comprises four of the UK’s leading charities and patient groups – AntiCoagulation Europe; the Children’s Heart Federation; the AF Association and the Mechanical Heart Valve Support Group. The healthcare company Roche is also part of the alliance. It was set up to campaign for patients on long-term warfarin to have greater access to self-monitoring technology on prescription.  Self-monitoring devices are a safe1, convenient and an accurate way to provide a blood clotting level – it takes less than a minute to complete.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I was delighted to have spoken at the Patient Choice Awards highlighting all the hard work people have done for patients to promote and support self-monitoring.

“Self-monitoring devices are a win-win situation; a win for the NHS as it will help them to reduce potentially life threatening numbers of stroke and save money, and a win for the patient as it increases their independence and encourages empowerment to control their long-term health condition.”

Diane Eaton, from AntiCoagulation Europe, a member of ACSMA said:

“ACSMA is fully aware that many people on long-term warfarin across the UK are receiving excellent care and support to help them to manage their disease.

“Therefore, we wanted to celebrate the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of those healthcare professionals who are really championing the cause of patients.”


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