GWYNNE BACKS LATEST PLANS for new Technical Degrees

technical degreesAndrew Gwynne MP has this week backed Labour’s plans to raise the status of vocational education through new Technical Degrees.

One of the great challenges facing Britain is the need to create opportunities for all young people and ensure they are equipped with the skills to succeed. Yet currently there is a lack of high quality opportunities for the ‘forgotten 50 per cent’ of young people not following the traditional academic route to university.

So Labour has announced plans to work with universities and businesses to create a high-quality vocational education route for this ‘forgotten 50 per cent’ of young people.

Labour will introduce new Technical Degrees as the pinnacle of a new gold-standard vocational route, ensuring young people with excellent vocational skills have the opportunity to progress to high-level training and further qualifications.

This builds on Labour’s plans to introduce a new gold standard Technical Baccalaureate for 16-18 year olds and instil real vocational excellence in our FE colleges. Labour has also pledged to radically improve the quality and quantity of apprenticeships by introducing new training standards and requiring all firms that wish to bid for a major government contract to offer apprenticeships.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Local employers tell me they need employees with the skills to help grow their businesses and our future economic success depends on making sure that they have them.

“That’s why I’m backing Labour’s plans to create a clear route to success for the ‘forgotten 50 per cent’ of young people who don’t take the traditional academic path to university; one that provides a clear path to further training and a high-quality career.

“Making such courses available to young people is essential for ensuring Tameside, Stockport and Britain succeed in the future with a high-skill, high-wage, economy.“


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