‘FIZZING’ WITH IDEAS – Labour MPs launch #OneNationFizz

one nation fizz logoAt 3pm today (Wednesday 16th July), the Leader of the Labour Party, the Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, formally launched One Nation Fizz, a collection of policy articles penned by 14 Labour MPs.

The group of MPs, including Andrew Gwynne, who wrote the first chapter on the NHS, were encouraged by the Labour leader to ‘fizz’ with ideas, which gave inspiration to the book’s title.

The chapters and contributors include:

1. Andrew Gwynne – A One Nation Health Service fit for the twenty-first century
2. Barbara Keeley – Whole person care and a new covenant with carers
3. Sharon Hodgson – Involving communities to support child development
4. Kevin Brennan – Education as an equaliser
5. Paul Blomfield and Nic Dakin – Energising Further and Higher Education to boost our nation’s future
6. Gordon Marsden – Transforming skills and life chances for 2020 Britain
7. Nia Griffith – Fairer shares for all
8. Iain Wright – Creating better businesses
9. Roberta Blackman-Woods – Why we need an inclusive housing and planning policy
10. Helen Goodman – Reshaping access to arts and culture
11. Alan Whitehead – One Nation energy: secure, affordable and low carbon
1 2. Diana Johnson – Building safer and more resilient communities
13. David Hanson – Let’s talk about immigration

The full e-book can be viewed by clicking on the One Nation Fizz logo above.



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