Bv5eOt2CEAAzGAOShadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne MP joined campaigners and local Labour MPs in Sheffield to support the Darlington Mums, who are marching from Jarrow to Parliament to protest against cuts and privatisation of NHS services.

The march arrived in Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday, where a rally greeted the marchers.

The next day, Clive Betts MP joined the march at the Town Hall, and Meg Munn MP greeted the marchers on Woodseats Road and walked with them to the Sheffield border. Sheffield Hallam’s Oliver Coppard, who will be taking on Nick Clegg at the next General Election, also joined the marchers.

Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It really was a privilege to address these campaigners. Their dedication is humbling.

“We have been fighting Cameron’s privatisation agenda every step of the way down in Westminster, but now these incredible campaigners are taking the fight to the MPs who voted for privatisation.

“This march is showing MPs up and down the country that they will be held to account for what they did to our NHS.”

David Blunkett MP said:

“The architect of the disastrous changes to the NHS, Andrew Lansley, has lost his ministerial job and is resigning from Parliament, but the impact of his measures are being felt day-in, day-out by both patients and healthcare workers.”

Paul Blomfield MP said:

“What is precious about the NHS is that it is based on people not profits.  We need to stop the forced privatisation of our NHS services and Labour will act on this if we win the next election.”

Local co-ordinators Mike Simpkin and Alistair Wardrope said:

“It’s really hard for the Darlo Mums walking so far and so continuously but we know already from the marchers how much energy they are getting from roadside displays of support.  The original principles of the NHS have made an enormous difference to all our lives.

“These statements from Sheffield MPs show the importance of the People’s March in fighting to preserve them against the encroachments of profit makers.”


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