GWYNNE BACKS 0.7% aid commitment

IMG_2804Local MP Andrew Gwynne has today backed moves to enshrine Britain’s commitment to the rest of the world in law.

There are moves to introduce on legislation to enshrine the UK’s promise to donate 0.7% of our Gross National Income in international aid – in line with promises made over 40 years ago.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I’m proud to support Britain’s life saving aid programme, and I’m proud to back this latest move.

“Partly thanks to UK aid, global development has been a tremendous success over the last two decades – poverty has halved, more than nine in ten now receive a primary education and 17,000 fewer children die each day.

“But there is much more to do – this generation has the power to eliminate aid dependency for good. We could enable a billion people to lift themselves out of poverty and prevent half a million a year from dying on their first day.

“British aid makes a huge difference to millions – we should be proud of what our generosity can do for those in need and what it says about us as a country.”

Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Jim Murphy said:

The Labour party has been demanding that Ministers keep their promise to legislate on 0.7% for years. It was a Labour government that put this country on the road to fulfilling that historic commitment, it was Labour whose pledge to legislate forced the other two parties to follow suit, and it is Labour that has shouted loud and most often about this government’s failure to do so.

“Labour will do everything we can to ensure that this Bill becomes a law. We know that some Tory backbenchers will do everything they can to hold us back, but whatever they do, the Labour party will not turn our back on those in need.”


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