CLASS SIZES: MP Gwynne calls for action to tackle growing school scandal

class_1477183cAndrew Gwynne MP has slammed the Tory-led government for presiding over an enormous increase in the number of young children taught in large classes.

Recent figures show that in Tameside there are now 1,680 infants being taught in large classes of over 30 children, an increase of 2,567% since the Tories came to power in 2010.

In Stockport, the figures have almost tripled, with the number of children being taught in large classes rising from 405 to 1,225.

This has become a national scandal with over 93,000 children affected nationally. Labour reacted by holding a debate in the House of Commons last Wednesday when Andrew Gwynne voted for the government to take immediate action to reverse this trend.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“In their 2010 general election manifesto, the Conservative Party promised to create ‘small schools with smaller class sizes’ while David Cameron previously said ‘the more we can get class sizes down the better’.

“Instead, after years of falling class sizes under Labour, parents and children in Tameside and Stockport are now facing bigger classes and the consequences of the Tories’ failed policies and broken promises.

“The teachers at our local schools do a fantastic job but the pressure on class sizes is making it so much harder for them to do their jobs. It’s shocking that so many of our young children are being denied the benefits of being taught in appropriate class sizes, especially at such an important stage in their educational development.

“We need to do things differently if we’re going to give our kids the best possible start in life. Otherwise we risk more of our young children being left behind in classes too big for them to be taught properly.”


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