GWYNNE BLOG: Lord Freud Must Go

lord freud graphicDavid Cameron’s welfare supremo has advocated treating those most in need differently by paying them below the national minimum wage.

Lord David Freud, talking amongst friends at Conservative Party Conference, said he thought there was “a group” of disabled people who are “not worth the full wage”.

He has exposed a face of the Conservative Party which sees the vulnerable as runners up, those in need as undeserving, and the minimum wage as applying just to a few of their choosing.

These views are outrageous. They are nothing short of a disgrace which will offend people across our country. They have no place in modern Britain and should have no place in our politics. Simply, someone holding those views shouldn’t be in government.

You can hear the true face of David Cameron’s Conservatives for yourself here:

Compassion is dead in David Cameron’s Conservatives. A government minister resurrecting such heartlessness shows that David Cameron cannot stand for the majority in Britain today.

Lord Freud joined David Cameron in opposition. David Cameron said at the time he was an ‘hugely impressive figure’, and then Freud has designed the Government’s welfare reforms. His record speaks for itself. He is apparently the Minister who came up with the idea of Bedroom Tax, and two thirds of the people hit by the tax are disabled.

Unfunded tax cuts, hitting the poorest hardest, now undermining the minimum wage: the nasty party is back.

Labour is holding a vote of no confidence in Lord Freud on 29 October in the House of Commons. This is David Cameron and the Tories’ chance to show whose side they are on.

David Cameron has run a government which stands up only for a privileged few. Five more years of David Cameron would mean working people left behind, futures forgotten about and opportunities removed. Only Labour has a plan and the values that will deliver a better future for all.


2 thoughts on “GWYNNE BLOG: Lord Freud Must Go

  1. The coalition broke many hearts of disabled people when they closed the sheltered employment factories of Remploy. The factories gave work and dignity to so many. Now this, where is the compassion?

  2. this man needs to spend 1 month working soup kitchens, one month working with homeless people and addicts on nights including on the streets and one month working in a mental health unit/lda enviroment on minimum wage
    he has no clue what all these policies are doing and like duncan smith and the rest of his hangers on should be interviewed for there jobs and if not fit for purpose sacked without recourse

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