UNITED UTILITIES should reduce its water bills – Gwynne

tapMP Andrew Gwynne has backed Labour’s national water affordability campaign calling on United Utilities to do more to help customers in Tameside and Stockport struggling with unaffordable water bills.

Last year United Utilities made more than £311m in profits and paid back £223.5bn to shareholders, with only £77m going back to the taxpayer.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The rising cost of water is adding to the cost of living crisis. Household water bills have gone up by 12.5 per cent since 2010, at a time when household incomes are falling. As a result one in five customers struggle to pay their water bills.

“That’s why I’m campaigning in Greater Manchester to help people with unaffordable water bills and force United Utilities and David Cameron to do more help those struggling most with their bills.

“The choice is between a Tory Government that has done nothing to reduce water bills and a future Labour Government that has called for a ‘new deal’ with the water companies focused on affordability and fairness for all.”


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