MP GWYNNE SUPPORTS LABOUR’S PLAN for a fairer deal for renters

Today Andrew Gwynne has backed Labour plans for a better deal for those renting their homes privately. In Denton and Reddish, there are currently 4,973 living in the private rented sector – they all deserve a fairer deal.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“People who are renting from a landlord in Denton and Reddish, often have to put up with insecure tenancies, poor standards and rising costs. They want a decent home to be able to settle down, put down roots and have peace of mind.

“A Labour Government will give private renters a fairer deal by bringing in 3-year stable tenancies, predictable rents to stop excessive rises and banning unfair letting agent fees on tenants. We’ll also drive up standards and bring an end to cold homes.”

The next Labour Government will legislate to introduce 3-year stable tenancies with predictable rent rises to prevent excessive rent increases, ban letting agent fees charged to tenants and introduce a national register to drive-up standards in the private rented sector. Labour will also set a new target to upgrade energy efficiency of properties.

Labour’s shadow Housing Minister, Emma Reynolds, said:

“Millions of people now rent privately but are faced with rising costs, poor standards and little security.”

“That’s why the next Labour Government has committed to reforming private renting to get a fairer deal for private renters.”


Labour has committed to:

    • Give security and peace of mind by legislating for 3-year tenancies giving renters a stable home and landlords the confidence to invest.
    • End excessive rent increases by putting a ceiling on rent increases during the new 3-year tenancies.
    • Ban rip-off letting agent fees for tenants by legislating to stop letting agents charging tenants fees.
    • Drive up standards by introducing a national register of landlords and making it easier for local authorities to introduce licensing schemes and ensure tough sanctions are in place for bad landlords. We will also create a new benchmarking system for property standards.
    • Bring an end to cold homes by setting a new target to upgrade the energy efficiency of properties in the private rented sector.

2 thoughts on “MP GWYNNE SUPPORTS LABOUR’S PLAN for a fairer deal for renters

  1. 100% agree however as a Landlord in the Constituency and a member of the LABOUR party I am disappointed to hear the same old election sound bites both Nationally and Locally, My personal efforts to establish a joint NLA and Local authorities forum as been given some lip service without any real substance by TMBC. As a society we need to promote good practice for both Landlords and Tenants alike,their are two parties to all tenancy agreements.The current UK private sector 9 Million tenants projected 12 Million in 2030 must have a LABOUR party with a fresh approach to the housing sector problem “BAD Landlords attract BAD Tenants”.and still pay them housing benefit .The social and Private housing sector provide the same service yet social housing retain exemptions on tax levies with empire CEOs and officers on salaries of £150K Circa supported by paid Local Authority officers who claim allowances (without prejudice) is this a level playing field? .If we are serious in our intentions to make a difference to improve the housing in the UK we must have the debate on both social and private housing sectors and NOT just election sound bites .The mood in the whole UK housing sector and social mobility has changed we can’t keep banging the same old drum without seriously examining the issues wharts and all

    • Agree Tony, we need to strike a proper balance between the improved rights of tenants – some of the cases that come to my office of how renters are treated would make your toes curl – and the rights of good, decent landlords. I’ve had similar cases in reverse where the tenants have been bad and the landlord powerless to act.

      Actually, closer inspection of Labour’s proposals, I hope, would show we are trying to get that balance right. As you know Tony, I fully support your efforts to establish an NLA locally in Tameside.

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