LABOUR CAMPAIGN FOR MENTAL HEALTH: Shadow Health Minister Gwynne backs campaign

labour campaign for mental healthShadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne has backed the Labour Campaign for Mental Health, a voluntary grass-roots organisation made up of Labour activists.

The group campaigns to fight for services, lobby for reform and battle the stigma attached to mental health conditions.

Labour’s 10-year plan for the NHS contains key measures to integrate mental and physical health provision with social care to ensure problems get identified and addressed as early as possible.

These include ensuring that the training of all NHS staff includes mental health so problems get spotted. At the same time people with complex physical and mental health conditions will be given a single point of contact for all of their care.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am here today to show the country that my Party takes mental health seriously. Mental health conditions cost billions of pounds a year and trap people regardless of where they come from.

“These problems should not be ignored, and I will make sure the next Labour Government tackles the issue.”


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