GWYNNE CALLS ON COUNCILS to ensure access for disabled voters at the general election

ballot-boxLabour MP – and election candidate – Andrew Gwynne has written to the chief executives of Tameside and Stockport to ask what steps are being taken to ensure disabled voters are able to participate in the general election and exercise their right to vote.

Local authorities have a duty to ensure polling stations don’t disadvantage disabled voters. A range of measures is also available to support disabled voters, including large print versions of ballot papers and tactile voting devices. Election staff should be properly trained to meet the needs of disabled voters.

The Denton and Reddish MP has asked both councils for a report on access to polling stations in the Denton and Reddish constituency and what steps are being taken to inform disabled people of the different ways they can exercise their vote.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Ensuring disabled people are able to exercise their vote is an essential part of a healthy democracy and fundamental to their rights. The Electoral Commission has issued guidance on making registration and voting accessible to disabled people.

“I’ve written to our councils in Tameside and Stockport to ask for assurance that every disabled voter in the Denton and Reddish constituency will be able to get to a polling station and get the assistance they need if they want to vote in person, and to have information about alternative voting methods, such as by proxy or post.

“Disabled voters also need information about how to register to vote. If you want to register, or check whether you’re on the register, contact your council – whether you’re a disabled voter or not.”


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