MP TO VOTE Against further police cuts

_70178238_dsc_0052Today’s Police Grant vote is a choice between a Tory plan to cut 1,100 more police officers next year and a Labour plan of reform and savings to protect the frontline so that Chief Constables can stop those 1,100 officers being cut

The Choice:

  • Tory Plan: 1,100 officers cut in 2015/16 and no plans to help the police make savings o the frontline is heavily hit
  • Labour plansaving 1,100 officers in 2015/16 by making savings on gun licensing, procurement and police and crime commissioners that the Tories refuse to do so.

The Tories plan means cuts of 1,100 officers next year, on top of the 16,700 police officers who have already gone

According to ACPO, the Tories plans mean cutting 34,000 further police jobs over the next 5 years including at least 16,000 police officers and thousands of PCSOs too. Labour will take a different approach.

As the election is in May and the financial year will already have started, we have said we will accept the 2015/16 budgets, but only with our extra savings and policies in place, so that the frontline is protected.

A Labour Government will:

  • Be mandating national procurement to save forces over £100m in 2015/16
  • We would be instigating full cost recovery for gun licences saving forces £20 million in additional costs in 15/16
  • Increasing driver offender retaining fees raising £9 million for forces in 15/16
  • And scrapping the Police and Crime Commissioner elections scheduled for May next year

Labour’s approach would see savings made whilst ensuring Chief Constables have the money to better protect frontline policing instead and save 1,100 police officers that will be cut under the Tories. Yet the Government is refusing to introduce any of these measures so we will not vote for their plan to cut 1,100 police officers.

Commenting on the Police Grant Report, Andrew Gwynne MP Said:

“We are facing a choice between further reductions of police numbers in Greater Manchester. We need a police service that is responsive to the needs of our local community. But this Government seems bent on destroying neighbourhood policing, which has long been seen as the bedrock of British policing. A Labour Government will make difference choices and do more to protect the frontline. That’s why I am voting for Labour’s position of opposing the Tory Police Grant Report.”

Commenting on the Police Grant Report, Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Policing Minister said:

“Today’s vote is a choice between losing police numbers or protecting 1,100 police officers by saving the police money.

With our zero-based review, Labour has already identified there are savings that be made to protect front-line officers, starting with saving 1,100 under threat in 2015/16. This is the worst possible time for the police service to suffer further staff losses. With crime changing and the new security challenges, the Government is failing in its duty to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.”


2 thoughts on “MP TO VOTE Against further police cuts

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