BEDROOM TAX: Cost of £3,700 to each household over the next Parliament if the Tories win

Protest bedroom tax LiverpoolLocal Labour MP Andrew Gwynne pledged to fight the unfair Bedroom Tax affecting hundreds of families in Tameside and Stockport.

There are a total of 13,532 people in social rented tenure in Denton and Reddish. At least as many new people will become liable to the Bedroom Tax as are paying now if the Conservatives are re-elected.

All social tenants are at risk – a family can become liable if children leave home or someone dies.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“In my constituency, the Bedroom Tax will cost each household around £3,700 over the next Parliament if the Tories win again.

“At the moment, 628 people are paying here, but many more will be caught if the Tories win again. Labour has pledged to abolish the Bedroom Tax and only a Labour government will do this.”

Helen Goodman MP, Shadow Minister for Welfare Reform, said:

“The government has imposed the Bedroom Tax on families who are already hard pressed to make ends meet. There aren’t enough smaller properties for people to move so even the government’s own studies show that people are having to cut back on household essentials to pay it. Only a Labour government will abolish the Bedroom Tax.”


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