SCR_TAM_OldhamBatteries151014_01Sorry it’s taken a while to get this information but I wanted to update residents on the proposal for a large housing scheme on the former Oldham Batteries site.

I have received confirmation from the Council that they are still working towards taking the planning application to the 25th March planning committee meeting, subject to Langtree providing additional detail to the Council (as explained below). I will update you again to confirm whether the application is going before this meeting, along with the details of the time and venue, should you wish to attend.

On the specific issues, the Council tells me they have concerns about the land contamination problems, and also on the proximity of this development to the M67 (EU Law now fines public bodies who allow new housing developments in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) without additional mitigation measures to improve air quality. Denton is within an AQMA because the M60 and M67 contributes to poor air quality. The Council tell me they have asked Langtree to confirm in detail the mitigation they propose to ensure local air quality is not worsened as a result of this proposal.

However, the main issue remains the traffic impact (which itself links to the air quality issue). The Council commissioned their own traffic consultants to look at the roads around the proposal site and they have concluded Langtree’s own traffic impact assessment is flawed. The Council have now asked Langtree to provide additional information, which will be needed in order to properly assess the application for housing. That is why the 25th March is still only provisional.

The Council’s traffic consultants have raised significant concerns about the traffic impact of the housing scheme. They have confirmed that Crown Point junction is already operating over capacity and that they have “severe” concerns that the proposal (without a link road) will make the situation far worse. They also highlight that Edward Street/Hyde Road junction is at capacity at peak times, and that the proposal to signalise the junction will make traffic flows on Hyde Road much worse than at present.

The ball is now in Langtree’s court. Let’s see what they come back to the Council with.

Finally, a Dilapidation Notice has been formally served on the owners of the old Co-op building on Ashton Road. This will force the owners to make good the building (including putting a roof back on, and making it structurally safe again). If the owner does not do this within the timescales in the Order, the Council can either take enforcement through the Courts or they can do the repair work themselves (at public expense) and place a legal charge on the site so that the money is recovered when the site is sold.

I will update you on all these matters as soon as I have more information.




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