HARVEY’S LAW debated in Parliament

_81339440_09b61705-cffc-4bcb-ac3f-5a9dfc1ad701Andrew Gwynne MP spoke in a debate in Westminster this week calling on the Government to ensure the Highways Agency and local councils scan all dogs killed on public roads for microchips so their owners can be informed.

The debate eventually saw the Government backing ‘Harvey’s Law’ in principle, a measure named after Harvey, a poodle killed on the M62, whose owner was only told of his death four months later.

Harvey’s Law was debated after an e-petition reached 100,000 signatures.

Transport Minister John Hayes recognised the Government’s mistake and backed the campaign’s call for informing dog and cat owners of the death of their pets, a commitment which had been previously enforced but was due to be phased out as a money saving measure.

He did not promise new legislation.

Following the debate, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Thousands of people in Tameside and Stockport have pets, and I wanted to speak for them. I have also lost a pet to a road, and it was an awful time for my family.

“This was a great outcome. The Minister has promised to force the Highways Agency to reintroduce routine scanning. I am glad the Government has recognised just how important our pets are to us.

“Now the onus is on those with pets to have them microchipped. The Dogs Trust offer free microchipping at their centre in Denton by appointment, so give them a call.”

Commenting on Harvey’s Law, Michael Dugher MP, the Shadow Transport Secretary, said: 

“Scanning and logging dogs who have sadly been killed on our motorways is a simple procedure for the Highways Agency to undertake, but it makes such a big difference to people. It brings real peace of mind to dog owners.”


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