GWYNNE: Axed NHS chiefs get £225million — & job

  • NHS_2423783bFury over ‘revolving door’ for 5,200 pen-pushers
  • NHS chiefs have blown £225 million on “revolving door” pay-offs for managers – who are then re-hired within weeks.

More than 5,200 staff – most of them pen-pushers – walked straight back into new jobs in the health service after cashing their redundancy cheque. 

New official figures show they were being taken back on at the rate of 30 EVERY WEEK last year. 

The average golden handshake paid to rehired staff was £43,000 – but some received in excess of £500,000.

Under the rules, they are allowed to keep the cash as long as they wait four weeks before taking another NHS job. 

Last night Labour accused ministers of handing out cheques “like confetti” during the health service re-organisation. 

The cost of pay-offs bagged by staff who were then re-employed by the NHS is enough to hire 8,000 extra nurses on a salary of £28,000. 

In one case, a married couple received nearly £1 million when they were made redundant from their posts as NHS managers – and were both re-employed a month later. 

Another NHS manager was paid nearly £340,000 after his job as managing director of a Merseyside primary care trust was axed. He then walked into a new job as director of strategy at a Yorkshire-based NHS commissioning support unit. 

Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne said:

“Under David Cameron, we’ve seen pay-offs for managers and P45s for nurses.

“He’s been caught handing out cheques like confetti to people who were later re-hired at a time when hospitals are short of thousands of nurses.

“This waste is sickening and the scale of it is only now becoming clear. Labour will invest more money in the NHS and spend it on 20,000 more nurses instead.”

This story appeared in the Sun on Sunday, 8th March 2015


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