887 BED DAYS WASTED IN TAMESIDE AND STOCKPORT as delayed discharges reach all-time high

nhs-scheme2Today, statistics were released showing there has been a dramatic increase in the number of delayed discharges from hospitals in a further sign that the NHS is going backwards under the Tories.

In the past month, delayed discharges meant that 608 bed days were wasted in Tameside, as many elderly people were left stuck in hospital. There were 279 lost days in Stockport.

Tameside saw a 4,967% increase from August 2010.

Over the past year there have been more than a million delayed days, costing almost £287 million – enough to pay for 6,875 nurses or a year of home visits for more than 41,000 older and disabled people. Last month almost 3,600 patients were delayed in being discharged from hospitals, costing the NHS more than £28.5 million.Nationally, the number of delayed days per month has almost doubled under this Government – from 55,332 in August 2010 to 103,776 in January 2015. In the past month alone, the number of delayed days has increased by 14 per cent

Many elderly people are finding themselves stuck in hospital as they wait for the support they need to move back home, or for a place in a residential or nursing home – accounting for 40 per cent of all delays

Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“This Government’s plan for the NHS is failing. These terrible figures show the scale of the care crisis that is affecting the most vulnerable people in Tameside and Stockport.”

“Increasing numbers of elderly people in our community are ending up in hospital, rather than receiving the proper support they need in their own home.

“Labour will join up health and social care to help more elderly people in Tameside and Stockport stay healthy and living independently in their own homes.”

Liz Kendall MP, Labour’s Shadow Care and Older People’s Minister, said:

“Under the Tories thousands of frail, elderly people are reaching crisis point, ending up in A&E and getting stuck in hospital. This could be avoided if they had the right care and support in the community or at home. Instead, this Government has slashed social care, which is bad for elderly people and their families, and costs the taxpayer far more.

“Delayed discharges cost £287 million in the last year alone – money which could have paid for a year of home visits for more than 41,000 elderly people, or 6,875 nurses.

“Labour has a better plan. We will join up health and social care to help people stay living healthily in their own home and get the best value for taxpayers’ money.”


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