AIR POLLUTION: Gwynne calls for more measures to tackle problem

Portcullis event 09.06.15 - Andrew Gwynne MPAir pollution has been under increasing scrutiny recently, due to smog events which covered much of the country and a high profile legal case against the Government by NGO ClientEarth.

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling, Ministers must now come up with ambitious ideas to reduce air pollution across the UK.

The health effects of air pollution are substantial and affect us all but in particular the more vulnerable members of our communities such as children, older people and people with heart and respiratory conditions. In Tameside, experts say 127 people die prematurely each year, due to the effects of air pollution.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Air pollution is an invisible killer and not enough is being done. It’s horrifying to see the damage poor air quality can do to health, particularly to young children’s development.

“Through simple ideas, such as support for cleaner technologies and active travel like cycling or walking, we can improve the air we breathe and save lives. The Government are currently writing new air quality plans and I will ensure these plans protect people in Denton and Reddish.”

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