SPORTS PARTICIPATION: Gwynne calls for new approach in run up to Rio

Andrew Gwynne MP has called for a new sports strategy for the England after official figures have revealed a decline in sports participation in Tameside and Stockport in the run up to Rio 2016.

Mr Gwynne was responding to new analysis of official figures by the House of Commons library which show participation in sport has fallen by 1.2 per cent in the North West since the 2012 Olympics.

With just a year to go until the Rio Olympics the fall in participation in the North West is particularly striking given the investment made nationally to build a legacy following the 2012 Olympics. However, statistics show that under this government nationally there are 700,000 fewer people playing sport at least once a month with over 212,000 fewer women.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“So often sport unites our community and never more so then at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics so to see this government squandering their legacy and have fewer people participating in sport here in Tameside and Stockport is a real shame.

“It’s just a year until the next Olympics yet too many people in our area are missing out on the benefits that sports bring because this government doesn’t have a proper strategy for sport. People here deserve the benefits of the Olympic legacy so the government needs to develop a new plan to provide them.”


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