ARMED FORCES DAY: Hundreds salute Tameside troops

35499027eb8486528f4f1ba2241f531cTameside residents came out in their hundreds at the weekend to mark Armed Forces Day in Victoria Park, Denton.

The day was marked with a remembrance service followed by a celebration with live entertainment.

Alongside the armed forces personnel, the emergency services were present, as were members of the Royal British Legion, air cadets, the Scout and Guide Associations and Tameside Cultural Services.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I never miss commemorations like Armed Forces Day, and a ceremony like this has rarely been more important, with veterans of more recent wars needing funding and support more than ever.

“We must mark it with more than words – we need to match it with our actions. It is my job as a politician to push for more support for veterans to ensure they have everything they need.”

Cllr Jackie Lane said:

“The British Armed Forces are on duty across the globe risking their lives for us, and have been for many years. Armed Forces Day is a great opportunity for the people of Tameside to show their support and appreciation of the sacrifices made on their behalf.”

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