GENDER PAY GAP: Gwynne joins calls for Government action

Women in Denton, Audenshaw and Reddish still earn just 89p for every pound a man earns, according to official figures from the ONS.

Today Andrew Gwynne MP will call on the Government to task the independent Equalities and Human Rights Commission, to produce an ‘Annual Equal Pay Check’ reporting on Britain’s gender pay gap, and make recommendations for action by Government and employers so progress can be made.

From 2016 employers of over 250 workers will be required to publish their gender pay gap – something Labour has long campaigned for – in a move intended to focus efforts on closing the gender pay gap.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It’s a scandal that 45 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, women from my constituency still earn just 89p for every male pound.

“It’s vital we make sure the new information published by companies leads to real progress, which is why I’m calling on the Government to establish an ‘Annual Pay Check’ report that will take this information and make recommendations for action. It’s time we closed the gender pay gap once and for all.”


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