BRASS BANDS: Gwynne to become Vice Chair of Parliamentary group

Andrew Gwynne MP has become Vice Chair of a cross-party group in the Houses of Parliament that aims to support the work of brass bands across the country.

He decided to head up the group as a result of his role as Chair of Denton Brass.

The Denton Original Band (as it was then known) began its existence in 1859, its promoters receiving the generous support of some of the town’s hat manufacturers and local gentry.

The band has a wonderful record, the crowning triumph coming in London in 1900 when the band won the ‘thousand guinea cup’ which was open to bands throughout Great Britain and her colonies. The cup was kept at Denton Town Hall and security of £1,000 had to be given for its safe custody.

The main roles of the All-Party Group are

  • to better inform Parliamentarians on the role of brass bands in society
  • to raise awareness among Parliamentarians of the impact on brass bands of legislation in the fields of arts, culture and education

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I have enjoyed brass bands for a long time, and in 2013 I was very pleased to be invited to become Chair of Denton Brass.

“This year I decided to contribute to the cause of brass bands in my work in Westminster, too, and I will be helping to keep Ministers and other Parliamentarians mindful of brass bands when they decide arts and culture policy.”


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