SMART METERS: Gwynne meets with campaign to discuss roll-out

smart energyAndrew Gwynne MP has been finding out more about smart meters – the technology that will finally digitise the way we buy and manage our gas and electricity and help us get control over our energy bills.

The national smart meter roll-out is the long-overdue upgrade to Great Britain’s energy infrastructure that will bring everyone in Denton & Reddish accurate bills at no additional cost.

Smart meters will deliver consumers near real-time information on how much their spending on gas and electricity in pounds and pence, which means an end to the antiquated system of manual meter readings, estimations and awkward prepayment meters.

Over 1.6 million smart meters have already been installed across England, Scotland and Wales, and over the next few years every home in Great Britain will be offered one.

Andrew met with Smart Energy GB, the national consumer campaign for smart meters, this week.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Smart meters could transform the way in which we view energy consumption in our homes. There are numerous benefits – an end to estimated billing, the ability to see in pounds and pence how much the energy we use in our homes is costing along with the real time impact of how energy efficiency measures can reduce bills are to be welcomed.”

Anyone interested in getting a smart meter should contact their energy supplier.


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