DON’T PULL THE PLUG: Gwynne calls on the Government to reinstate plans to electrify the TransPennine route

don't pull the plugAndrew Gwynne, the local Member of Parliament for Denton and Reddish, is backing a new “Don’t Pull the Plug Campaign”, which calls on the Government to reinstate plans to electrify the Midland Main Line and the TransPennine route.

Just seven weeks after the election, the Government announced that it was shelving the vital electrification upgrades – projects that Ministers repeatedly promised to deliver ahead of, and throughout, the General Election campaign.

The cancellation of the projects is bad for local passengers and bad for the local economy in Greater Manchester.

Andrew Gwynne is demanding a real commitment from the Government that it will deliver these projects within a clear and published timetable.

Mr Gwynne is also urging people in Tameside and Stockport to sign up to a petition to add pressure on the Government to live up to its promises:

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“David Cameron has broken his promise to electrify key rail lines in the Midlands and the North.

“The Government should now live up to their election promises, reinstate the work on electrification and not pull the plug on these vital upgrades for the North and the Midlands.

“I encourage everyone in Tameside and Stockport to get involved and add their name to the petition. The Government should not be allowed to get away with promising these enhancements before the election and then reneging on its commitments just weeks later.”


2 thoughts on “DON’T PULL THE PLUG: Gwynne calls on the Government to reinstate plans to electrify the TransPennine route

  1. Well said, but as an MP representing a significant part of Stockport, what are your views on the secretive, unconsulted and arrogant decision taken by Virgin Rail to block off the public right of way through the underpass at Edgeley Station?

    I’m aware this is not in your constituency but you should be aware that MANY of your constituents who live in the Stockport half of your constituency will regularly use Edgely Station – therefore they will be inconvenienced by this every bit as much as if they lived in Anne Coffey’s jurusduction. Even though ms Coffey sounds a little bit half-hearted about this issue, she should concede that her neighbouring MP’s in Cheadle, Hazel Grove and Reddish also have an interest as many of their constituents use Edgeley Station? (Stockport is not just the Stockport constituency) So perhaps some sort of joint approach or joint action might be mooted here?

    • I’m not happy about it and have been making representations to Virgin. Really they could’ve provided for the barriers at the top or bottom of the steps to keep the walkway through

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