MP GWYNNE: Transport for Greater Manchester ‘lacking common sense’

First_Greater_ManchesterAndrew Gwynne, Member of Parliament for Denton and Reddish, has slammed Transport for Greater Manchester for ‘lacking common sense’.

Sudden changes to the school bus network by TfGM have resulted in the contracts for services to Fairfield School being split between several companies, pushing up costs for parents left unable to buy a single season ticket.

Between Dane Bank and Fairfield School, there are now four providers – two on each leg of the journey. There are also multiple companies operating on the Denton to Fairfield route, with the firm operating on the morning journey not even selling weekly tickets. Students purchasing a Stagecoach pass for the morning service must buy a completely separate pass for the evening Belle Vue service.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Considering TfGM has made much of its plans to integrate its services, a return to this ridiculous system absolutely beggars belief. They are completely lacking in common sense.

“I have spoken to them to let them know how angry I am at this latest move. I will be continuing to push them to reunify these services to save parents cash and simplify the journeys of hundreds of young people.”


One thought on “MP GWYNNE: Transport for Greater Manchester ‘lacking common sense’

  1. Time to get public transport properly regulated to stop things like this happening, then.London has regulation – why not Manchester? Still better, renationalise. I know Jeremy Corbyn is more sympathetically inclined to this than any of the Blairite no-hopers.

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