LOOKING FORWARD TO 2016: My column for the Stockport Express

imgl1957It has been a quiet year in politics. Well, besides a surprise general election result, a tumultuous Labour leadership election, and the rise of Mr Trump in America.

I was obviously hugely disappointed in May. Whilst I was obviously delighted to be elected for the third time to represent my Denton and Reddish constituency, the national picture was less rosy. We now face five years of a Tory Government with the arrogance only a surprise majority can conjure.

I will be playing my part in making sure Labour has an alternative that improves on what we offered in May. The country needs it. And for now, I will be helping to oppose the most malignant aspects of this Government, like on tax credits – a Government u-turn was only forced after a shock defeat in the House of Lords thanks to Labour votes.

There is nothing to say that the coming year will be any less volatile than the year behind us, but I can promise you this: I will continue to do everything I can to give the very best representation to my constituents.

For now, I want to wish everybody in my constituency a very Happy New Year.

This was originally published in the Stockport Express on 30th December 2016


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