GET SMART: Gwynne urges residents to take up free smart meters

12654546_922421041209724_3839767671615550897_nAfter learning more about the benefits of smart meters at a Parliamentary event with Smart Energy GB, Andrew Gwynne MP has urged local residents not to pass on the chance to upgrade when contacted by their energy supplier. 

With almost two million smart meters already installed in homes and businesses across Great Britain, Andrew Gwynne MP is looking forward to seeing more and more installations take place across Denton and Reddish.

Consumers who have already upgraded to a smart meter are feeling the benefits. More than eight in ten people who’ve upgraded would recommend a smart meter to a friend, neighbour or relative, and 79 per cent are confident that their bills are accurate – only 59 per cent of those without a smart meter feel the same (September 2015 Smart energy outlook).

Smart meters will bring everyone in Denton and Reddish and the rest of Great Britain accurate bills at no additional cost. The amount of gas and electricity that’s been used will, for the first time, be shown in pounds and pence and in near real time. With this information consumers will know exactly how much the next bill will be, and can make informed choices about their energy use. Finally, the out-dated system of manual meter readings and estimation will come to and end, and the inconvenient prepayment system will be completely revolutionised for constituents currently using these meters.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Research consistently shows that households that have already upgraded to smart meters feel far more in control of their energy and have taken steps to reduce how much they use.

“Smart meters will give us all much more control of what we spend on gas and electricity, and finally put an end to estimated bills. By 2020 absolutely everyone in Great Britain will have been offered a smart meter by their energy supplier at no additional cost, and I’m urging everyone in Tameside and Stockport not to pass on this opportunity.”

Over the next few years every home in Great Britain will be offered a smart meter. To find out when you can upgrade, contact your energy supplier or visit to find out more.


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