STOCKPORT COURT HOUSE: Attorney General congratulates MP Gwynne on successful campaign

attorney generalThe Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC MP, has congratulated MP Andrew Gwynne, Denton and Reddish, on his efforts to save Stockport Court House. The top law officer in England and Wales, the Attorney General is the Government’s chief lawyer.

In answer to a question by Mr Gwynne in the House of Commons, the Attorney General said, “I congratulate him on the success of his representations.”

A Stockport Labour Group petition last autumn attracted 2,000 local signatures against the proposals restricting access to justice, whilst Stockport MPs Andrew Gwynne and Ann Coffey lobbied the Minister for the Courts and Legal Aid and raised the issue in Parliament.

Stockport’s high quality, multi-purpose Courthouse was opened in 1989 and underwent major refurbishment work as recently as 2010. It boasts 11 modern Courtrooms and 18 cells as well as rooms for advocates, probation staff and witness support officers.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am delighted that David Cameron’s top lawyer has congratulated us on our successful campaign to save Stockport Court House.

“Labour always said strong lobbying and public pressure would make a difference and that has proven to be right, and I am glad that the Attorney General has recognised that in Parliament.”


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