STEPPING HILL: MP visits surgical facilities and children’s ward

Gwynne visit resized 7Andrew Gwynne MP met with both surgical staff and younger patients when he paid a visit to Stepping Hill Hospital.

The MP for Denton and Reddish took time to speak to staff and children at the Tree House children’s unit, which treats over 6000 young patients each year.

Mr Gwynne also took a look with theatre staff at the hospital’s state-of-the-art surgical robot, which operates on patients with kidney, bladder and prostate cancer.

The robot, installed in the hospital last year, uses keyhole rather than major surgery, which means less blood loss, pain and discomfort, and a lower risk of infection for patients.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It was great to see a typical working day at Stepping Hill Hospital. The staff are doing such a fantastic job.

“It was also good to see the surgical robot in action, which is delivering the most advanced treatment to local people.”

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One thought on “STEPPING HILL: MP visits surgical facilities and children’s ward

  1. With Stockport being kind of a “four seasons pizza” divided between four seperate constituencies, which parliamentary constituency is Stepping Hill actually in? Logic dictates that it’s in Stockport, but logic doesn’t seem to apply to constituency borders (witness one and a half Heatons being in Denton and Reddish….) – is this in the “Hazel Grove” constituency? And… how does it affect protocol where as i understand it, one MP cannot directly get involved in what goes on in another MP’s constituency? Out of interest, how do you manage these things, especially when local government for about a third of your constituency is carroed out in Stockport – Ann Coffey’s constituency – and the main hospital to which a lot of your constituents will go might be in Hazel Grove (Tory since time immemorial?)

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