AFFORDABLE WARMTH SOLUTIONS: Gwynne visits local project fighting against fuel poverty

13873022_1035039953281165_3582720976928019809_nAndrew Gwynne MP has this week visited a project in Dukinfield helping residents most in need fight against fuel poverty. A £500,000 investment will see the removal of outdated electric heating systems, with new energy efficient gas central heating being put in place.

Central Estate, Dukinfield was built with only half of the properties having a gas supply fitted and the remainder having electricity. This is now being put right by the work from New Charter and Affordable Warmth Solutions

132 households will be helped in total by the investment, with 126 of those being housing associating properties. New Charter and Affordable Warmth Solutions are jointly investing the £500,000 needed to cover the operation, helping residents in need lower their energy bills significantly.

Affordable Warmth Solutions are a National Grid initiative that aims to help some of the neediest residents across the country. It’s particular focus it to provide affordable energy solutions to homes that may be affected by the misery of fuel poverty. The investment in the Denton & Reddish constituency was welcomed by MP Andrew Gwynne who visited the site, giving him the opportunity to meet with residents to see the positive impact the work will have on the community.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“This project is a fantastic investment in our area, it helps those most in need by stopping money being wasted on outdated heating systems and prevents the misery of fuel poverty.

“The original energy fittings simply weren’t good enough and left residents paying an extortionate amount for the energy they were using.

“I commend the work of Affordable Warmth Solutions and New Charter. It was much needed and helps the community incredibly.”

Jeremy Nesbitt, Managing Director, Affordable Warmth Solutions said:

“Through it’s strategic partnership with Affordable Warmth Solutions, National Grid is committed to providing assistance to off gas grid homes. Utilising the skills and expertise of AWS to identify and deliver affordable energy solutions to off gas grid homes we are delighted to provide full funding for the scheme to construct a new gas network to bring gas to some 132 homes at no cost to New Charter Homes or residents living on the Central Estate in Dukinfield.

“This is a fantastic example of how public and private sector funding can be brought together to deliver real value to homes suffering from the misery of cold and damp living conditions.”

More can be found out about the scheme here:


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