STEPPING HILL: Gwynne expresses concern over hospital overspend

13.08.13. Photo credit : Phil Tragen

13.08.13. Photo credit : Phil Tragen

Denton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, has expressed concern over the £40m overspend at Stepping Hill, emphasising that the hospital’s financial difficulties could have a knock on effect on already overloaded neighbouring NHS hospitals around Greater Manchester. 

The overspend led to the hospital announcing the closure to its surgical ward, losing eight trauma and orthopaedic beds – as well as the loss of 410 full and part time staff to try and tackle the financial strain Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has found itself under.

The Denton and Reddish MP emphasised how staff working at the hospital are struggling to cope with their current workload – and a cut to personnel would only worsen the problem in an overloaded NHS.

Gwynne not only expressed concern for the patients of Stepping Hill, but also patients at other hospitals around Greater Manchester which are already feeling the intense pressures of Tory cuts.

Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“I’m worried about the news coming from Stepping Hill today. The NHS is already under great strain and this announcement adds to the intense pressures we find our hospitals under. Not only this but I’m concerned that other hospitals within Greater Manchester, which have their own problems already, will feel a knock on impact from the situation at Stepping Hill.

“The loss of a surgical ward and hospital beds is a tragedy under any circumstances – but when it comes alongside the announcement of staff cuts and a £40m deficit, I feel deep concern for the situation.

“I will do all I can to ensure the patients and staff of Stepping Hill don’t feel the harsh consequences of decisions which are out of their control that have led to this overspend.”


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