Mental Health: Gwynne concerned over Government slashing of mental health budgets across Tameside

img_2716-1Andrew Gwynne MP has responded as new figures show that the Government is failing in delivering its mental health spending pledge in more than half of the countries local areas, including Tameside. 

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have powers to plan and commission health care services for local areas but have been found to be in breach of official guidance as many plan to cut the proportion of their budget spent on mental health services for 2016-17.

Despite a government commitment that all CCGs should increase their spending on mental health in line with overall budget increases new figures have shown a declining trend with over half of CCG’s confirming reductions in the amount they will spend on mental health during 2016/17, compared to the previous year.

Figures obtained through Freedom of Information requests show that not only is Tameside and Glossop CCG already spending below the national average for mental health services (9.7% Vs 8.1% in 2015/16), but further intends to reduce the budget to 7.7% of total spend in 2016/17. 1

Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“It is quite shocking that CCG’s across the country are struggling to make ends meet due to lack of adequate funding from central government. This is resulting in hospitals having to choose which service to cut back on, and on the evidence thus far it would appear that mental health provision is taking the brunt of cut-backs.

“We will have to see how these changes are delivered but I will do all I can through working with colleagues, patients and medical professionals to ensure that our communities services do not suffer from even greater pressure.”


One thought on “Mental Health: Gwynne concerned over Government slashing of mental health budgets across Tameside

  1. Thank you for taking this up, Mental Health services in general and CAMHS in particular are the poor relations of the NHS, mental health problems can affect any family, there are too many people falling through the net.

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