Gwynne Condemns Qatar Workers Rights Record

qatarAndrew Gwynne MP has joined others in expressing deep concern over Qatar’s appalling approach to worker’s rights – specifically towards those constructing the infrastructure needed for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The TUC is running a campaign calling for Qatar to change its labour laws to protect workers from exploitation and death.

Gwynne joined union members and football fans across the world to highlight the issue and put pressure on Qatar to protect its workers. The ‘Play Fair Qatar’ campaign is running a petition to allow the public to voice their concerns.

Play Fair Qatar are working to raise awareness of the conditions workers are expected to bare. Workers face pitifully low wages, some paid little over 40p an hour with 90% of workers reporting their passports had been confiscated by their employer. There were 1,200 confirmed deaths of workers in Qatar from Nepal, India and Bangladesh between 2012-14, with the number of total deaths set to rise to 7,000 by 2022 if no action is taken.

In Parliament, Gwynne pressed the foreign secretary in reference to his position as well as pushing him to commit to talking to counterparts in Qatar as well as representatives from the nations affected.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“It is unacceptable to see a country with such little regard for workers rights. Under no circumstances should workers in 2016 be vulnerable to death, such low pay or the inability to make use of their passport.

“The 2022 World Cup is on track to be the most expensive ever held, but it’s the human cost that is most staggering. We must do all we can to pressure the Qatari government and FIFA alike into acting in support of those workers constructing the World Cup infrastructure. I will be raising this with the government and pushing for action to be taken.”

To sign the petition click here:

Or to find out more about the campaign, click here:


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