Gwynne on Labour front bench for BHS debate

beardedheadshotAndrew Gwynne MP has been one of a number of Labour MPs fronting the debate on Sir Philip Green, and his management of BHS which collapsed earlier this year.

In the debate, MPs voted unanimously to strip Green of his knighthood, accusing Green of failing to step up to his moral responsibility and valuing his personal wealth over any consideration for his former employees. The collapse of BHS has left 11,000 job losses and left thousands of pensioners facing cuts to their benefits, leaving thousands of families struggling to make ends meet – including those who worked in the Crown Point store serving Denton & Reddish.

Gwynne has stood firmly against Green and his mismanagement of the business and pension arrangements, which have now left constituents without wages to make ends meet now, and pension plans for the future.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“This isn’t the first time that we have been in this situation where a business owner has recklessly pursued personal profit over the interests of its workforce, and every time this happens it creates a fundamental weakening, of the trust that exists between an employer and employee.

“We can’t afford to sit by and watch people and the communities destroyed.”


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