Denton and Reddish MP takes frontbench bow in House of Commons

captureDuring Cabinet Office questions today (2 November), Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne attacked the Government for its plans to rip up the country’s constituencies.

Since the Government announced its plans to redraw constituencies across the UK in September there has been a chorus of opposition from across the political divide. Taking up his place on Labour’s frontbench for the first time since his promotion, Mr. Gwynne went on the attack referencing the fact that the Tory’s are gerrymandering seats for their own benefit which will see Labour potentially lose up to 30 seats.

At the same time as the Government plans to cut the number of MP’s from 650 to 600 they are expanding the House of Lords by stuffing the upper chamber with their cronies. Before he left office David Cameron conferred the honour to political allies, former aides and financial donors.

Andrew attacked Ben Gummer MP, (Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office), for plans to cut the number of whilst the Government payroll remains untouched. The South Manchester MP then attacked the Minister for cramming the House of Lords with Conservative Peers over the past year whilst cutting the number of MP’s at the same time as their workloads are set to rise.

With Britain leaving the European Union it will lose 73 MEP’s with all their current responsibilities for constituents passing onto the workload of MP’s in Westminster.

In response the Minister offered an insipid response claiming that, “…we can cut the cost of politics by just being in power.”

Local MP Andrew Gwynne said:

“I was proud to rise at the dispatch box today for the first time as a Shadow Minister without Portfolio within the Cabinet Office to represent the very real concern of constituents across Denton and Reddish.

“There’s no justification for the Government to cut the size of the elected chamber at the same time as they are stuffing the House of Lords with their friends, former speechwriters and donors.

“Labour will not shirk its responsibilities while the Government attempts to gerrymander constituency seats for their own benefit.”


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