Gwynne Calls for Urgent Police Action After Anti-Social Behaviour Increases in Denton

img_2716-1Andrew Gwynne MP has demanded urgent action from Tameside’s police service after an increase in anti-social behaviour and incidents of criminal damage across Denton and Haughton Green.

The call from the area’s MP comes after the town has seen an spate of incidents over recent weeks including an attempted arson attack on its swimming pool, significant fire damage to the bowling green and bowling hut in Victoria Park, and vandalism, intimidating behaviour and damage to personal properties across Haughton Green and the Shoecroft Avenue area of Denton.

In the latest incident, in broad daylight, children have been recorded climbing onto shop roofs in Denton Town Centre, not only damaging property and putting local shoppers in danger, but putting their own lives at risk to.

Police action has so far been limited, and with residents’ fears growing Andrew Gwynne MP has demanded an urgent and immediate police response.

Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“The recent anti-social behaviour seen in different parts of the town has been utterly unacceptable. I share the anger and concerns shown by those residents and businesses affected and I will do all I can to ensure this kind of anti-social behaviour is tackled immediately.

“Sadly the response so far from the police and other agencies has been lamentable. It’s frankly time they pulled their fingers out and took these matters as seriously as I think they should be doing and sorted the problem before it gets even worse.”



3 thoughts on “Gwynne Calls for Urgent Police Action After Anti-Social Behaviour Increases in Denton

  1. Maybe the question regarding anti-social behaviour in the Denton and Haughton Green area should be focusing on parents exercising their parental responsibilty and having knowledge of where their children are and that they are safe. Is that not our job as good parents? When it comes to a call for the need for urgent action from the Greater Manchester Police to tackle such problems when did GMP become the go to service for all other services being despenced with? GMP services have themselves endured huge cuts where front line officers are expected to pick up the shortfalls of other services. The reality is we have created a society where it seems to be everybody elses problem without individuals being accountable for their actions or lack of action. I believe the comments if not quoted out of context are short sighted. The bigger picture is the cuts to essential support services which has taken its toil on emeregency services. Maybe the police at that time were being despatched to other grade 1 jobs, such as armed robbery, incidents of Knife crime, weapons, kidnap, terroism, rape, dealing with incidents of domestic violence, serious road traffic incidents, dealing with a fatality or trying to locate and find a missing person at high risk of significant harm at that time when such incidents of vandalism were reported. I am certain that such ongoing incidents where proitised at that time. We should be celebrating and commending the hard work of our emergency services whom despite austerity and fewer resources are having to deal with increases in demand. Maybe the cuts in local funding should be the focus for the tameside area and regeneration of local youth services not refocusing the blam elsewhere.

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