Andrew Gwynne MP raises concerns over community pharmacy cuts on visit to Windmill Pharmacy in Denton

1Local MP Andrew Gwynne visited local Windmill Pharmacy in Dane Bank on Friday 25 November to discuss fears over loss of funding after cuts announced by the Government.

Recent Government figures show a 12.5% funding cut to community pharmacy this year followed by a series of 7.5% reductions in subsequent years. This will result in this local pharmacy losing around £30,000 a year in funding to be replaced with just a £6,000 “quality payment”.

Many local pharmacists have expressed concerns that pharmacies will inevitably close which would result in the loss of important public health provision such as flu jabs, blood pressure checks, sexual health services and help in giving up smoking.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“Cuts to local pharmacies are short-sighted and risk increasing the pressure on our already stretched hospitals and Accident and Emergency departments.

“Our pharmacies are a crucial lifeline for communities and closures would see vulnerable patients face longer journeys for support and lengthy visits to hospitals.

“I’m lobbying the Government hard to stop this madness.”


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