Gwynne Chairs All-Party Thrombosis Group Annual Review

15327314_1154619251323234_1213436652852202422_nThe All Party Parliamentary Thromosis Group’s 2016 review was this week chaired by Andrew Gwynne MP.

Gwynne became a part of the group in 2010 after a near-death experience of a pulmonary embolism in Euston Station 6 years ago. Since, he has helped the group raise awareness of Thrombosis as well as pushing NHS Trusts to have diagnosis and preventative measures as part of their policy.

The 2016 review is likely to be Gwynne’s last as chair as a result of him joining the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister without Portfolio earlier this year. He, alongside others in the group, presented to the conference the advancements in Thrombosis prevention and shortcomings where treatment and diagnosis needs to improve.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“I’m proud of everything the APPG Thrombosis group have achieved while I’ve been chair. The NHS in England is now the world leader in risk assessing and treating blood clots.

“I will continue to work closely for the prevention of Thrombosis. Together we have raised awareness and hopefully this trend will continue, 77% of trusts distribute their own leaflets on preventing VTE. As more people become aware of the threat of preventable blood clots, less life threatening cases like that which I went through will happen.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done though, especially in areas of cancer treatment where instances of clots is high, and in the community setting. 4,224 cancer deaths in the past year may have been caused by preventable blood clots and only 1/3 of hospital trusts have a policy dedicated to the risk assessment and management of suspected blood clots in patients receiving chemotherapy.

I will continue working with the group, pushing for more tailored and protective policy for those vulnerable to Thrombosis. It is life changing, but easily prevented if the correct measures are in place for early diagnosis.”

To find out more, please visit Thrombosis UK here


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