Gwynne to lead Copeland fight for Labour

1771_port2016Jeremy Corbyn has handed the task of defending Labour’s narrow majority in the Copeland by-election to one of Labour’s ‘best campaigners’ and a leading shadow cabinet minister.
Andrew Gwynne, shadow cabinet minister without portfolio, will spearhead efforts to hold the Cumbria seat following the resignation of Labour MP, Jamie Reed.
Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish in Lancashire, revealed his appointment today. It follows his involvement in other high profile contests over the last year, including in Oldham West and Royton, where he took the lead in organising a successful campaign for Jim McMahon. He also helped secure the Labour nomination for the metro mayor contest in Greater Manchester last year for longtime ally Andy Burnham who referred to Gwynne as Labour’s ‘best campaigner’. Gwynne is now working as Burnham’s campaign manager. 
A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said:
“Andrew is one of Labour’s leading campaigners and he will be bringing his experience to the by-election in Copeland. Andrew was the political lead for the Oldham West by-election, where Labour secured a strong result.”

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