Gwynne furious as Department of Health reveals incompetent approach to recording NHS procedures transferred to private contractors   

3797160719_337b4742e7_bDenton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, has today written to the Secretary of State for Health after an investigation by the local MP revealed the Department for Health were unaware of the numbers of hospital procedures that have been transferred to private contractors in recent years.

Through a series of Parliamentary Questions put down by the local MP the Minister of State for Health, Philip Dunne MP, confirmed that the Department of Health, “did not hold the information centrally”. Without figures from individual NHS Trusts, the Department of Health will find it difficult to ascertain how well certain areas of the country are doing in terms of specific provision for every procedure.

In his letter, the MP asked the Secretary of State to reconsider the Department of Health’s position in regards to the recording of the number of hospital procedures paid for by the NHS but carried out by the private sector.

Most recently Department of Health figures show that £8.7 billion was spent on buying healthcare from the private sector in 2015-16, more than double the amount when the Tories took power in 2010.

Leaked memos from November 2016 showed hospitals have been told by NHS England to discharge thousands of patients and pass some scheduled surgeries to private organisations to reduce pressure ahead of, what has increasingly become a potential winter crisis

Andrew Gwynne said: 

“I was deeply troubled when the Minister revealed that they had no idea of how many private hospital procedures, which by the way are paid for by the NHS, have been transferred from NHS Trusts.

“If Ministers are not aware of how many individual procedures NHS Trusts are transferring out privately; then how can they accurately judge their performance?

“This shows what we’ve all known, that the Tories cannot be trusted with our NHS and will find every opportunity to tear it down, piece by piece.

“I will do all I can to make sure this doesn’t happen.”



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