NHS Winter Crisis – Tories in Turmoil 

622118_4beb60c6The current crisis our NHS faces is unprecedented. Our health service is on its knees with one-third of hospitals having declared they need urgent help to deal with the number of patients coming through their doors. 

A&E departments have turned patients away on more than 143 occasions between 1 December 2016 and 1 January 2017. In one day last month, 15 hospitals ran out of beds with elderly and vulnerable patients languishing on trolleys in corridors, sometimes for over 24 hours.

Instead of dealing with the crisis, on Monday Jeremy Hunt suggested that the four hour A&E target may be downgraded and no longer apply to minor injuries.

Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“The crisis that we have seen unfold in our NHS over recent times is absolutely appalling. The Tories have consistently missed their own targets on A&E waiting times and instead of improving the service Jeremy Hunt is simply moving the goal posts.

“Labour is calling on the Government to bring forward the £700m of social care funding planned for 2019/20 now and to pledge a new funding settlement for health and social care in the Budget in March.

“Staff at our local hospitals at Tameside and Stepping Hill are working tirelessly day and night to make sure patients are seen and treated, but they need the support of a and Government who believe in them.

“Once again Jeremy Hunt is proving that you can’t trust the Conservatives with the NHS”


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